Upskilling is the process to train current employees new skills. This will allow the employees to maneuver into bigger and better jobs within the organization. Investing in upskilling employees pays off in the future, because the company saves money on hiring new employees and boosts the morale of old employees at the same time.

There are specific benefits of upskilling the workforce:


ONO Tech works to retain tenured employees, it will prove that the company is making a solid investment in the people, which is sure to boost morale and productivity.

Customer Satisfaction

Happy employees promote the corporate brand within the organization and to your customers.


Virtual Classroom Training

Employees can train themselves with the help of virtual classrooms at the designated time.


Short web-based training modules

Lunch and Learns

Cover a particular topic over a complimentary meal in a very relaxed atmosphere.

Mentors / Subject Matter Experts

Train some of your best employees in a mentorship or SME program.