Monitoring Exiting Employees

  • Effectively monitor activities of high risk employees who are in the notice period
  • Effectively control access to exiting employees thereby mitigating the range of sensitive data that they can send out of the company
  • Detect decrease in productivity and work hours during exiting period
  • Build chances of finding out if an exiting employee is disgruntled as well which might lead to organizational damage
  • Extend security and monitoring layer beyond workstations and laptops to mobile devices and handhelds being used by the exiting employees
  • Protect organizational confidentiality by monitoring employees more closely or as a team or as a group when mass layoffs happen
  • Safeguard your organization against employees who are fired and switch to revenge mode against the company
  • Enable a history check on employee’s previous activities after an employee resigns and detect signs of probable breach
  • Enable complete remote lockdown on end user laptop in case the employee flees away with the laptop or absconds.